Tinea Versicolor Saved The Day

I had a miscarriage. We didn’t know we were pregnant to begin with. I found out as I was going into surgery to have a D&C. Everything went well and I was fine until the next day. On that Saturday, I lost my mind. I felt a huge crushing depression as my emotions crashed to the ground. I began drinking beer and wine like it was my job and went on a month-long bender.

One night after a humanly amazing amount of alcohol, I woke up covered in mold. From my chest, up my neck, and covering my entire face, including my forehead. My chest had small, black, round dots. Some were spaced out, and some clumped together. My neck was covered in a black rash looking kind of situation. The underside of my chin and my face were covered in what looked like black scales, or the bark of a tree. In addition, my eyes were a sickly reddish gray that made me look like a zombie cast member from The Walking Dead. I didn’t even cry when I looked in the mirror, I just wanted to kick my own ass.

I couldn’t believe that I let myself get this way. I immediately quit drinking cold turkey and I haven’t touched it since (2.5 weeks and going). So, I used A&D ointment on the mold for 2 days, thinking it would go away—it did not. Actually, it was becoming worse by the hour. On Monday, I started to research online and was able to put a name to the disgusting stuff on my face and body: Tinea Versicolor. My case was so severe that I would have to go to the ER at the hospital. If I did not seek medical attention at this point, I could risk having to deal with skin discoloration issues for at least 3 months.

So then I prayed and asked God to please fix my skin, please fix my face. I lied down on my bed and looked at the top of my dresser. There was a little blue bag from a doctor I used to see. Three years ago when I was drinking a fifth of Cuervo every night, I went to see the doctor and she saw a very small patch of tinea versicolor on my chest. She told me it was fungus and prescribed me some cream that I chucked in the drawer and forgot about. I looked for the cream and found it in a bag of beauty products in the bottom of my closet. It wasn’t even opened and it hadn’t expired yet! I searched the name Ketoconazole cream, 2% and found that it was basically what I would get in the ER. I immediately slathered my chest, neck, and face in the cream. I felt better already.

My gyn, who performed the D&C did a full body work-up on me and found that I was one step from turning into a giant mushroom. She wrote me scripts for 5 days of metronidazole, 14 days of doxycycline, and 5 days of flagyl. I filled the scripts and left them in a bag in my window behind my bed. They were just sitting there for like a month and a half, as I was planning on getting around to using them one day.

I searched the names of the scripts from the gyn and found that they were exactly what I needed. I couldn’t believe it that during this semi-existential crisis, God made sure that I had everything I needed. I didn’t even have to go to the hospital and be embarrassed with the way that I looked or by the way that it occurred. Everything I needed was within 10 paces. God is so loving and thoughtful that way. After my super-long bender, I deserved all that was coming to me. But, God decided to have mercy on me and I am so extremely grateful.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I also had thrush at this time. I thought only babies could get it, but I was wrong. I had it on the roof of my mouth, my tongue, and down my esophagus to where I had trouble breathing and swallowing.

So, I began the pills immediately on Monday in conjunction with the vag cream, and the skin cream. I was also exfoliating gently with shower gloves and my chest and neck cleared up completely by Friday. My face was 80% better, as the mold stopped growing but the fungus literally bleached the color out of my skin. I am brown and the only brown bits were around my eyes. Two brown circles surrounded by a distastefully bleached face. I told my husband that I looked like Sammy Sosa. He was so sweet to say, “No, babe, you look beautiful.” He was wrong because that’s EXACTLY what it looks like when the tinea versicolor fungus bleaches brown skin, like the new Sammy Sosa, or those poor African ladies obsessed with skin lightening creams. Their faces are devoid of pigment and it looks like a dead person, while from their necks down, it is brown and lush and rich in color. That’s exactly what I looked like.

Anywho, at two weeks to the day that God let me find all of the meds, my face is brown again. I have some discoloration but I’m using L’Oreal’s Youth Code Dark Spot Correcting Serum to fix it. My chest has a brown patch that I use the serum on as well, so that should fade soon. My neck (which was the worst in my opinion) looks as if my body never threatened to transform into a human mushroom.

I feel that I am so blessed, because my story could have turned out very grim. Instead, praise God, it is happy.

After fighting binge-drinking alcoholism for 6 years, I have hope that I won’t live like that anymore. Now I know that I was being annihilated by a parasitic yeast infestation.

I used all the medication as prescribed and it’s time to focus on keeping myself yeast free. I take antifungals such as Caprylic Acid and oregano oil daily. I take psyllium husk fiber in the morning and smooth move tea in the evening to facilitate the detox process. My diet is meat, fish and vegetables; no desserts, no bread, no wheat. I try to drink a lot of water, get plenty of rest, take a multivitamin, take N-A-C and Vitamin C, and most importantly=an amazing probiotic with 30 Billion CFU with like 15 strains.

Alcohol abuse made me have a tinea versicolor outbreak, but it alerted me to the root cause of my problems, which was yeast. Yeast overgrowth, or candidiasis, made me compulsively chug alcohol. I did not know why I drank like that. After killing the yeast, I no longer crave alcohol or much sugar. Sobriety is a beautiful thing. If you know someone who is fighting alcoholism, ask him or her to check out the yeast levels in their body because they may be on the verge of becoming America’s Next Top Mushroom.